The Magic Of A Tap

The future of consumer retention & acquisition is designed to bridge the omnichannel consumer journey

How Tap Works
Developed in partnership with world-leading gamification experts & and global award-winning marketing experts, our Tap in Go technology brings your brand into the game! By using proprietary technology, strategies, and first-party data, we give your consumers the ultimate gamified brand engagement experience through your portal of endless customizable possibilities!

Why Tap Works
The magic in user-focused design has been a key principle behind all of the projects under the Suzy Batiz brand umbrella. We focus on what the consumer needs, and how to turn that into an unexpected and unmatched experience. This is why the NFC chip is key. Offering users an effortless transition into the digital experience. Each tap-enabled product has custom NFC chips inside the labels, allowing users to simply tap their smart phone device and access a unique experience.